Community Wellness Challenge

According to the results of a recent Gallup survey, Montanans have a lower obesity rate than any other state. Favorable as those poll results were, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana (BCBSMT) always strives for innovative ways to encourage all Montanans, members and non-members alike, to become more health conscious.

To that end, BCBSMT sponsored a Community Wellness Challenge in the spring of 2014 to raise awareness about the importance of taking personal initiative in maintaining a healthy weight and engaging in regular physical activity.
The challenge began in mid-March and brought together 10 employees from 10 different organizations:

State of Montana
Helena School District
Lewis & Clark County
Montana University System
NorthWestern Energy
St. Peter’s Hospital
State Fund
Student Assistance Foundation

From those 100 employees, 10 “blended” teams were formed by selecting one member from each organization. The teams competed for 12 weeks to see who could accumulate the most physical activity points between March 14 and June 14 – the date of the BCBSMT Governor’s Cup race, one of Montana’s premier family fitness events.

The team with the most collective activity minutes over the 12-week competition earned a $5,000 donation to the nonprofit of their choice and selected Project Hope as the recipient. Additionally, Morrison-Maierle topped the employer group competition with the most active minutes and received a $5,000 award, which they donated to The Angel Fund.