Blue Bear℠

BCBSMT Introduces Blue Bear

Several sightings of a large, friendly Blue Bear at community events were reported this year as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana introduced its new health and wellness ambassador.

Blue Bear promotes healthy activities throughout Montana while visiting community health and other charitable events, often with the BCBSMT Care Van®. Blue Bear is both a mascot and a messenger. Even though Blue Bear doesn’t “speak,” he helps us share BCBSMT’s messages about healthy living, staying safe, and giving back to our communities.

Blue Bear also makes regular appearances on BCBSMT’s social media pages, promoting healthy eating and an active lifestyle. You might see Blue Bear hiking, biking, walking, or fishing to inspire Montanans to do the same.

He loves to make new friends, dance, and hand out hugs and high-fives. So, if you see him around, stop and say hello.

If you have an event that you think Blue Bear would like to attend, request an appearance!