Blue Care Connection®

Members can take advantage of one-on-one personal assistance to manage their health and fitness with the help of our Blue Care Connection® program. This medical case management program combines traditional care with technology, education and health advocacy to engage members from preventive care through complex and catastrophic care.

Blue Care Connection includes the following offerings:

  • Blue Care® Advisors – Registered nurses and health care professionals work with members at risk of, or diagnosed with, chronic conditions to provide education and coaching on adopting healthier behaviors
  • Case Management – Registered nurse case managers help members cope with complex medical situations and obtain the services they need. Blue Care Connection Elite, a member-centered program introduced in 2014, provides a Personal Health Clinician to connect members to programs and tools that help them maintain or improve their health. Our Care Coordination & Early Intervention Program helps prevent or reduce future admissions, avoidable re-admissions and emergency room encounters.
  • Special Beginnings® ­– This maternity program provides support and education from prenatal to postpartum care
  • Behavioral Health – Licensed behavioral health professionals help members access services and support those with co-existing medical conditions such as anxiety and depression
  • 24/7 Nurseline – Registered nurses are a phone call away, around the clock, toll free

Blue Care Connection also includes an industry-leading Lifestyle Management Program that provides assistance centered on metabolic syndrome, weight management and tobacco cessation.