We aim to achieve greater business outcomes through our diverse workforce.

Living our Commitment

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion has been an integral part of our business. Today, as the health care industry has evolved, so has our focus on these priorities. To remain an employer and insurer of choice, we must be intentional in the way we serve customers, engage employees and connect with our communities and other business stakeholders.

Recognizing our worldview, and the worldviews of others, we created the Center for Diversity and Inclusion to look beyond where we’ve been as a company and into the future landscape of health care. Our strategies are aligned to create stronger partnerships and to achieve greater business outcomes through the efforts of our diverse workforce.

We will continue to build on our core values of integrity, respect, caring and commitment by empowering our workforce to meet the needs of our members and support the communities in which we live. By continuing to live our Purpose, we are well-positioned to remain a market leader.

As we accelerate diversity and inclusion efforts to meet the needs of our business, we aim to create a collaborative culture by focusing on four key areas:


  • Leverage workforce capabilities and continue to address skill and talent shortages by positioning HCSC as an employer of choice. Advancing and retaining our diverse workforce will serve as a bridge to our marketplace.


  • Given the changing demographics of our member population, we must leverage diversity and inclusion to meet their unique needs and preferences as we continue to expand health insurance coverage.


  • To be an insurer of choice, we must build trust in all of the communities where our members live, work and play.


  • We must continue to foster a more diverse base of suppliers who will contribute to our success and to that of the communities we serve.