Our employees are committed to maintaining a strong ethical culture.

Ethics & Compliance

As a company, we are committed to earning and keeping the trust of the members and communities we serve. To maintain that trust, we promote our standards of conduct through our Corporate Integrity and Compliance Program and outline guidelines for ethical behavior in our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. Our Ethics and Compliance team is responsible for communicating our values and expectations to our employees.

In 2014, we partnered with other areas of the company to clarify corporate policies, address specific issues and educate employees. We promoted the theme “Pass It On,” encouraging employees to share support of our core values with others. By continuing to use a compelling storytelling format that received best practice recognition in 2013, the Ethics & Compliance Department reduced the average time it took for learners to complete annual training.

To keep the internal conversation going around our core values of integrity, respect, commitment and caring, we used fliers, videos starring our own employees, and quizzes, among other activities. Readership of online materials increased by 33 percent in 2014, letting us know that our workforce is on board with maintaining a strong ethical culture.